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Do you have a project with your property and it doesn't seem to flow as it should? 

Or do you just want to sleep and feel better at home whether you own it or rent it from someone?


Clearing the house of disturbing energies and negative memories will let you live more peacefully, rest better and be more joyful in your own environment.

Whether you plan to sell your property or rent it, this work will attract your future buyer more easily, because of its clean energies that will be realigned with that purpose.  

This property realignment, combined with a coaching session where we unlock your purpose with your property project, will literally boost your success.


It's a distance and off-line clearing. I don't need to be there or seeing you in order to perform it.

When you book this service I only need you to give me the complete address of the property and the full name(s) of the owner(s). Also a few words about your need for this property or your project.

Then we'll have a 30mn chat over the phone about what has been cleared and what can be improved. We schedule this conversation when you book your appointment.

Property Energy Clearing

170,00 €Precio
  • Once payment is completed, you'll choose an available time on my booking page. Click here.

    We'll have a 30mn chat about the clearing work I've performed on your property.

    For that purpose, fill in the form with a valid watsapp or facetime number, or a Skype id.


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