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After 10 years as a lecturer in Linguistics and Translation, I decided to commit 100% to the healing work, especially with the Akashic Records.
I had previously learnt a lot of therapies since a young age (graphology, massage, lithotherapy, reiki, christ energy, rebirth, magnetic healing...). But I wasn't finding complete satisfaction in their efficiency.

The Akashic Record readings presented to me as the ultimate therapy!

It was exactly what I was looking for, a shortcut to the relevant information that was hidden from our conscious mind.

Accessing this universal library of information and tapping into the history of our Souls was for me the best way to find the root-cause of our blocks and limitations.

Bringing awareness to the origins of our undesired patterns is for me the key for healing and changing our lives according to our profound intentions.

When I started learning, I thought I'd just use it for myself. I wanted to "remember" who I was, why I was born in that family, what I needed to learn in this life and from previous lives... My goal was evolving into a greater consciousness of myself so I could live happier and make wiser choices for my life.

But very quickly, my practice clients became the builders of my professional shift! They were having great results and were spreading the word.

I was so happy and grateful that realized I could do this my whole life.

So I overcame a strong family pressure, resigned from university and started helping people to break free from their old jobs! Unhappy people that felt trapped in the "matrix" found their new path mostly as therapists, artists and coaches. And now their spreading their passion around the world!

Being of service to others with the Akashic Records is the most interesting and rewarding job I've had.

After 10 years of practice and life-changing impact, I can efficiently help you thrive in your life.

You'll understand who you are at a profound level, why you are here, what talents you have, and improve your quality of life in any area of your life -love, relationships, finances, family, body shape...

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Empowering people to be the Conscious Creators of their True Happiness with their unique Talents.

Vision and Values

A world of connected hearts, with people manifesting their unique essence in 3D, for their highest good and the highest good of all.

My Values are my Tools for Quick and Sound Results


Empowered Growth

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